• [1] Oct 31 - Checks in.
  • [2] Oct 31 - Skims through. Watchlists anyone for "FOSing" Jenny.
  • [3] Nov 1 - Talks about Nintendo's Possible Fake role.
  • [4] Nov 1 - Agree's with AhoyLindsay, and talks about Nintendo's role. Wonders what happens if Nintendo takes a proxy. Also agree's to let Nintendo live due to early innocent lynching in previous two games.
  • [5] Nov 1 - FOS's Kotetsu. Attacks Kotetsu for saying who was giving him "niggles", then later in the post said he wasnt going to say who those people were.
  • [6] FOS's Jenny. Attacks about Jenny giving Nintendo an "outright" FOI.

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